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Come join the Diop Family Griots as they unite in SENEGAL from the corners of the world for their biggest Djembe and Sabar Drum and Dance Workshop yet! It will be the first time in years that at least five of the brothers converge to produce a workshop.

The Diops, a family of seven internationally recognized musicians, are all virtuoso percussionists from the well-known family of Sabar griots “Sing Sing Rhythms”. They learned to play the DunDun, Djembe, and Sabar from the time they could walk and grew up playing together. As adults, they toured the world with Senegalese national ballets. Badou and Ibou Diop are considered two of West Africa’s Djembe greats. When all the brothers unite, the percussion reaches an infectious level of synchrony that that will move you from deep within. Visit the video section of this website for a taste. The Diops will bring in several Master dancers who live in Senegal and have performed extensively with National Ballets to teach dance class. Music and dance is always evolving, and those living in Dakar will be able to teach the latest moves.

The Diops will teach a two-hour drum class every day and drum for the master dance teachers for a two-hour daily dance class. You, the students, will decide whether to place more of an emphasis on Sabar or Djembe. For those who are only interested in learning percussion, you can drum during the dance classes, practicing the rhythms you learn in drum class. 

In 15 hours time, you can fly from California to Dakar, the capital of Senegal. So close, and yet so far away. In the modern yet very African city of Dakar, you will leave the rushed and stressful American world behind you and enter a “timeless” world. There is no better way to illustrate this than by the saying: “Americans have the clock, but Africans have the time!”

Senegal is known as the land of hospitality and peace, and you will no doubt feel this yourself from day one. Dakar has become one of the international meccas for musical night life. Senegalese cuisine is divine, and the local markets are overflowing with colorful fabrics, beads, and crafts. Together we will indulge.



The workshop will take place in Toubab Dialaw, an artist town on the beach. In between classes, you can chill by the beach, peruse the craft markets, and watch daily drum and dance performances. Every day the Diop family will prepare you traditional dishes like: Ceebu Jén, Maafe, Yaasa, etc. 





Workshop Agenda

6/5 and 6/6

You will be picked up at the airport in Dakar by the Diops and brought to your residence. You can rest from your trip and get oriented. The Diops will also show you around the area where you will be staying. 

6/7 to 6/18

Percussion class will take place for two hours every morning overlooking the ocean. We will dance (or drum for dance class, for those who prefer) every evening for two hours on or overlooking the beach so that we can take a cool bath in the sea afterward.

6/12 and 6/13

There will be no lessons on the weekend, and the group will have a chance to explore Toubab Dialaw and relax at the beach. For those who love to explore the local markets, this is your chance! If enough people are interested, we will organize an excursion (excursion fees not included).


On the last evening of the workshop, we will celebrate with a traditional Tanebeer, a huge neighborhood party with Djembe and Sabar dancing. The Diop family Tanebeers are famous, and everyone in the capital comes out for them. You will see dancing that you will not believe, and Africans will love you if you add your flavor to the night.



Suggestions of Places to Visit:

The village of Touba Kouta is 230 km away from Dakar in the area of the Sine-Saloum and only 55 km away from The Gambia (for those who like to cross borders). It is a tidal delta with low and muddy islands that are partly under water during high tide. The nearby Keur Bamboung, a remote eco-tourist lodge in the middle of a mangrove forest along a branch of the sea, is a haven from the continuous rush.

Ile de Gorée, an island off of Dakar, used to be the central market for the slave trade. Today there is a museum commemorating those who were stolen from their homeland and shipped to the Americas.

The Casamance, in the far south of Senegal, is the most lush region of the country. Many artists and musicians from Senegal and Guinea live along the beach towns. You can rent a cheap cabin at PlageAbene or Cap Skirring, eat huge mangos, and listen to music. You can get there by land, air, or a luxurious but affordable public boat.


Île de Gorée Île de Gorée


Teachers' Biographies

Badou, Ibou, Adama, Cheikh, and Djamil Diop and family

The Diops are all famous and virtuoso percussionists from the well known family of griots “Sing Sing Rythmes”. They learned to play the DunDun, Djembe, and Sabar from the time they could walk and grew up playing together. As adults, they toured the world with various Senegalese national ballets. 

The oldest from the family of seven internationally recognized musicians, Badou is often considered one of West Africa’s Djembe greats. He taught his younger siblings all that they know. His younger brother, Ibou, is admired internationally for his fast hands.

In addition to drumming, Adama was a dance choreographer for Ballet Silimbo in Ecole des Artes. He began teaching students from Europe in 1990 and has been performing and teaching throughout the US since 1999. He is currently the director of Diop Percu International School of African Music and Dance in California.

Cheikh currently lives in Holland, where he teaches 100 plus drum students, accompanies during dance lessons, and plays in many different groups all over Europe. He now directs his own group: DIOP PERCU.

Djamil, an insane Dundun player, recently moved to the US, where he teaches percussion for all ages and performs.

The Diops will bring in several Master dancers from Dakar who have have performed extensively with National Ballets to teach dance class. Music and dance is always evolving, and those living in Dakar will be able to teach the latest moves. 


Daily Schedule

 9 am wake up & breakfast
 10-12 am percussion for all
 2 pm lunch
 17-20 pm dance (or drumming for dance class)
 21 pm dinner


Join this beautiful percussion/dance trip to Senegal

Book now for this trip.  


6/7 - 6/18/2010

Price for 2 weeks = $1000

Registration deadline is  March 15, 2010.
50% of price is due at time of registration



  • 2 weeks of workshop classes
  • All meals
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Lodging
  • Djembe and Sabar final dance party
  • Airline ticket. You must arrange this yourself. The sooner you book, the cheaper the ticket.
  • Weekend excursions



Vaccinations: Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio), Malaria medication. Suggestions: Mosquito-net, anti mosquito spray or cream, sunscreen, medication for fever, diarrhea, headache, etc.

More info and registration:

 Djamil Diop: tel. 415.410.5176 /

 Adama Diop: tel. 760.644.9393 /